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AKIRO Acquires SMEs

We buy businesses through equity or debt finance. We select sustainable profitable businesses led by entrepreneurs willing to sell. Our intention, in this case, is to continue managing the business scaling it to the next level with no intention to sell.

The Fund dedicated to Search Fund entrepreneurs: MBA students, consultants or main street entrepreneurs looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity through acqusition will receive guidance in cutting target selection times, defining the legal structure for the SPV and finding the best financing mix for the acquisition.


Acquisition Fund investing in Search Fund entrepreneurs

Our Boostrap fund helps you grow your idea by acting as co-founders and granting access to the financial resources to develop your business.


Bootstrap Fund

KREO Creates Startups

When we meet outstanding people willing to be entrepreneurs or serial entrepreneurs ready to start their new ventures, we create companies together with them starting as co-founders from scratch.

AVENTURO Backs Startups

Entrepreniston venture capital branch finances startups and companies with a high degree of scalability in the pre-seed, seed, and scale-up stage of their developments. We’ve been venture capital advisors and investors for 10 years now and invested in more than 200 companies worldwide.

Our Venture Capital fund, seeking to foster innovation on the Italian and European market by investing in early stage startups looking for growth capital.


Venture Capital Fund
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