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Strategy & Business Model


We do a thorough assessment of your industry and develop a complete strategy to achieve sustainable competitive advantage and business scaling capabilities. The aim is to take a leadership position among domestic and international competitors.

Business Model

The first step to build a great company is to identify the bottlenecks in the business model that cause inefficiencies or limits to scalability. We’ll be at your side reengineering the business model of your company to become more efficient, robust, and scalable.

Operations & Execution


Being an entrepreneur is often considered a solo endeavor and it is very connected to trust which is difficult to grant to others. Nevertheless, one of the main reasons why good businesses can’t scale is precisely the entrepreneur centralising all decisions and power. We’ll help you hire and retain a team made of outstanding people you can trust.


The necessary condition for business scaling is operational excellence. On many non-core activities it is not key to hire people, you can address them just with a network of partner companies and professionals who will support your company growth through external services, such as legal, tax, accounting, technology, marketing, internationalization, etc. On these functions, it is better to hire on-demand the most specialized and efficient professionals than hire and train new people who will reach the same grade of performance too slowly and, most likely, when they will not be working for your company anymore.


Without a strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, any strategy is useless. We support only entrepreneurs who are already top executors, but as the company scale, we’ll help you follow project management and bitzscaling best practices to make sure that execution efficiency will keep the same pace, or even increase thanks to our monitoring.

Fundraising & Control


Even a profitable company can require, especially whether the plan is to scale up the business, external financial resources which will add up to the cash generated from operations. We’ll take care of the whole equity, convertible, debt, and grant fundraising process to make sure the company will have all the financial means it requires to scale.


Power is nothing without control. Allocating money well is the main feature distinguishing great CEOs from good ones. We’ll implement a dashboard on economics and financials which will help the company having all the metrics under control and to allocate the right amount of financial resources on key internal projects.

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